Bunny lines are wrinkles that appear on the sides and along the bridge of the nose when a person smiles. The term may sound cute, but these lines can make a person look and feel old. Bunny lines form over time, typically from the repeated action of scrunching your nose, smiling, squinting, laughing, or other facial movements. Botox injected into frown lines (the vertical wrinkles that appear between the eyebrows) can also cause bunny lines. This happens because Botox inhibits the muscles from responding to expression commands, causing the nasal muscles to become hyperactive.

Bunny Lines Treatment

Luckily, bunny lines are easy to treat. At DermaHealth, we use neurotoxins like Botox and Dysport to erase bunny lines and wrinkles for up to three to four months. These treatments provide instant results and are minimally invasive.

Dysport and Botox are inhibitors that stop the daily muscle movements that create expression lines. Botulinum toxin is used to weaken muscles and minimize dynamic lines. Both Dysport and Botox are injected directly into the muscle, affecting only lines caused by muscle contractions. Other common injection sites are frown lines, crow’s-feet, and forehead lines.

The first injection typically softens the wrinkle lines. By the second or third treatment, wrinkles are blended into the surface of the skin, resulting in a smoother, more natural appearance. They are NOT fillers that plump the lines – rather, they inhibit the muscle from responding to expression commands. Used properly, inhibitors reduce the aging effects while still allowing normal facial movement, resulting in a more natural appearance. DermaHealth will customize the treatment to fit your needs and budget.

Preventive Measures

Bunny lines (and all wrinkles) occur during the natural aging process. However, there are some measures you can take to help minimize the appearance of these wrinkles before they become noticeable:

  • Use a Clarisonic device: DermaHealth recommends using a Clarisonic cleansing device, which employs a soft, gentle brush that oscillates back and forth more than 300 times per second. This effective cleansing technique allows products to better absorb into the skin, leaving the skin softer, smoother, and more radiant.
  • Receive preventive Botox or Dysport injections: Botox or Dysport can be injected into the bunny line area to relax the muscles and limit repeated expressions.
  • Avoid making facial expressions that cause bunny lines: If you tend to crinkle your nose when you laugh, smile, frown, or squint, try to minimize those facial movements.

For more information and to see if you’re a candidate for one of our bunny lines treatments, schedule a complimentary consultation with DermaHealth today.