Platelets contain multiple growth factors and proteins that enhance tissue regeneration and healing on a cellular level. They cannot replicate, however, and have a five- to nine-day lifespan. Studies suggest that platelets can improve inflammation, postoperative blood loss, infection, osteogenesis, wounds, muscle tears, and soft tissue healing.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is obtained through a simple blood draw, in which the blood is drawn and then spun to separate out the plasma. There may be beneficial effects of PRP for acute and chronic non-healing tendon injuries, including lateral epicondylosis, plantar fasciopathy, cartilage degeneration, osteoarthritis (of the knee, shoulder, hip, and spine), tennis elbow, and ankle and ligament sprains. PRP may also decrease healing time after invasive laser treatment, and it can diminish the risk of hyperpigmentation. For best results, combine PRP with stem cells, as PRP could be considered an energy drink for your stem cells.

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