Are you tired of shaving, waxing, or tweezing your unwanted body hair? Laser hair reduction is an advanced technology that effectively targets and safely reduces hair. Using a variety of FDA-approved lasers, DermaHealth can treat undesired hair on all skin types. Typically, the treatment plan requires three to six sessions over several months. The lasers can be used on most parts of the body, including the back, bikini area, chest, shoulders, neck, and face.

While no laser offers permanent hair reduction, laser hair reduction treatment does offer permanent hair reduction. Those who receive treatments will see up to 85 percent hair reduction – and new hair growth is typically thinner and scarcer. Any new hair growth can be managed with touch-up treatments.

Laser Hair Reduction Treatment

How It Works

During the treatment session, the laser targets the pigment of the hair and travels down to the base of the hair follicle. The laser heats up the base, damaging the hair follicle so that it cannot continue to grow. Hair grows in three stages, and the laser will only target hairs that are in the active growth stage (known as the anagen stage) at the time of treatment. Therefore, treatment plans require multiple sessions so the laser can confront every hair in the target area.

Following your treatment, the hair will fall out within 10 to 14 days. You may experience some discomfort and irritation, both during and after treatment. When treating sensitive areas, we typically recommend a numbing cream to decrease pain. If you experience redness or inflammation after laser hair reduction, you can apply a topical cream or use a cool compress.  Read our Pre and Post Care Instructions for Laser Hair Reduction here:

Our Lasers

At DermaHealth, we offer a wide variety of lasers for hair reduction. We understand that each individual is unique, and we will develop a personalized plan to suit your hair type, treatment area, and specific needs. We will determine which of the following lasers will provide the most effective and efficient results.


The GentleMaxPro is a dual-wavelength laser that can cover large areas in a short amount of time. It is powerful, fast, efficient, and gentle. To enhance the comfort of the client, it also includes a Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD), which releases a quick burst of cool air before and after each pulse of heat.


The Prowave laser can also rapidly treat large areas. It can safely and effectively treat clients with a wide range of skin types.

CoolGlide Yag

Our preferred laser for sensitive areas of the body, the CoolGlide Yag is effective and gentle. It is also more effective on darker skin colors.

Typical Results

Following laser hair reduction, the target area will not be completely devoid of hair. Most clients experience an 80 to 85 percent reduction in hair. In addition, the hair that grows back is typically sparser, finer, and lighter in color than before. Note that your age, hormones, medications, and hair color can all impact your results.

Best Candidates for Treatment

People with light skin and dark hair are best suited to laser hair reduction due to the strong contrast between their hair and skin. Because the laser targets melanin (a dark brown to black pigment) within the hair, it is more difficult to treat white, gray, light blond, and red hair. However, we have lasers to treat a variety of hair colors.


To increase the likelihood of effective treatment, do not sunbathe, visit a tanning booth, or use self-tanning products during the two weeks before your appointment. In addition, to ensure that the hair is visible as “stubble” during your appointment, shave the treatment area about 24 to 48 hours prior to treatment. Don’t drink caffeine on the day of your treatment, but consume plenty of water to ensure your skin remains hydrated. Throughout the course of your treatment plan, do not tweeze or wax your unwanted hair (feel free to shave), and do not tan your skin.

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Not only can laser hair reduction get rid of unwanted hair, but it can also save you time, money, stress, and embarrassment. To learn more about this procedure and whether or not it’s right for you, schedule a complimentary consultation with DermaHealth today.