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The following instructions will help you achieve the best results from your laser vein erasure treatment. Please take a moment to review this information and go over any questions and/or concerns you may have with your consultant or call the clinic @ 417-447-7777.

Pre Treatment Instructions:

  • Please reveal any medical conditions that may be of significance to the laser procedure—such as pregnancy, cold sore and fever blister tendencies, any type of allergy, recent facial peels or surgery, and all current medications (including both prescriptions and over-the-counter products) such as Accutane, tetracycline, hormone replacement therapy, or use of Retin-A.
  • Do not use self-tanning lotions or tanning booths two weeks prior to your laser treatment. Do not sunbathe two weeks prior to your appointment. Any patient arriving with a tan or sunburn may be rescheduled due to the sensitivity of the procedure to altered skin color and for the sake of your own safety.
  • If having laser vein removal treatment of the legs, for a more comfortable treatment, please shave the area and do not apply lotion to legs on the day of the appointment. For facial vein treatment, please shave any facial hair just prior to your appointment.

Post Treatment Instructions:

  • Please be advised that you may expect a certain degree of discomfort, redness, and/or irritation during and after treatment. If any discomfort or irritation persists, please notify the clinic.
  • It is helpful to elevate your legs for the first 48 hours. We also recommend wearing support hose for at least 72 hours after leg vein treatments.
  • After your treatment, it is not uncommon for the treated veins to remain visible for 3 to 6 weeks before dissipating. This is due to residual clotted blood in the vessel.
  • In some cases, the treated skin may blister. Do not scratch or open the blister—this could cause permanent scarring and/or infection. Keep the areas clean and apply an antibiotic ointment such as Polysporin. Treated correctly, the blister will heal without scarring.
  • A red scab may form under the skin. It may appear for a few weeks and then will be reabsorbed by the body. This is supposed to happen and is a sign of successful treatment.
  • You can expect treated areas to remain somewhat red and swollen for the first 24 to 48 hours. In some cases, this may last up to 1 week.
  • Brown spots or hemosiderin staining is caused by a release of iron from the re-absorption of veins and can remain for up to 6 months.
  • It is possible to have pain from the treatment of larger veins for several days post-treatment. Tylenol and/or arnica are recommended for any discomfort.
  • For best results, do not engage in vigorous aerobic activity such as running, hiking, or aerobic exercise for approximately 72 hours post-treatment.
  • It is advised to remain out of the sun for one week. It is recommended that you use a medical-grade sunblock for any sun exposure.
  • The skin of the treated areas may tend to itch. This is a sign of healing. Keep areas hydrated with moisturizer and apply hydrocortisone cream to itchy areas 3-4 times daily until itchiness subsides.
  • Bruising is another common side effect of laser treatment. Bruising is temporary and will dissipate within a matter of days or weeks depending on your individual healing process. Arnica is recommended if you have a tendency to bruise. Arnica helps reduce bruising and eases the soreness of bruising.

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